One of the essential items of gear for dog trainers in the French Ring, Mondio Ring, Military Ring, Protection Ring, and Law Enforcement is a bite suit. These trainers frequently select Demanet bite suits due to their durability, excellent quality, total design customization, short turnaround time, and stellar corporate reputation.

Types of Dog Bite Suits

Covert Dog Bite Suits

The lightest suits we provide are hidden dog bite suit. The other costumes are constructed of a special fiber combination, but this biting suit stands out since it is made of Kevlar. The main purpose of these biting suits is to prevent teeth from piercing your flesh.

These suits, which may be a few sizes larger than usual, are designed to be worn below your ordinary attire and have a very little padding. Law enforcement, military, and trainers of personal protection dogs should employ hidden bite suits to proof their dogs against bites. These outfits are not designed for regular exercise.

Weight Dog Bite Suits for Competition

Next on our list are competition bite suits, which provide greater protection than disguised kevlar bite suits. In all the suits on our list below, competition weight-bite suits get the least padding and provide the most movement.

Competition suits are excellent tools for training police enforcement, military, and personal security personnel in complex scenarios that require significant movement from the decoy. These are the best suits for running, jumping, and hiding in tight spaces. Competition dummies wear these outfits in trials worldwide for PSA, French Ring, and Mondeo Ring.

Weight Dog Bite Suits for Semi-Competitions

Semi-Competition weight suits are slightly thicker than Competition weight suits, but not significantly. A very little movement is lost as a result of the added cushioning. Many Police dogs, military working dogs, and personal security dog trainers favor Demanet Semi-Competition bite suits. With some decoy movement, these suits are perfect for scenario-based training.

Weight-Biting Suits for Semi-Training

Semi-Training bite suits offer far more protection than competitive weight suits. This outfit is known as our happy-medium suit. With this suit weight, there is sufficient movement and protection. We normally advise law enforcement and army units to use these outfits. For rookie decoys who desire to be able to move around but don’t want all the discomfort, the semi-training outfit is ideal. The majority of training with these suits does not involve many scenario-based exercises.

Weight-Training Dog Bite Suits

The least flexible and most protective garments are training biting suits. Unlike what other bite suit makers produce, you are not donning a Michelin man bite suit. Although somewhat limited, your movement will still be present. Trainers use this outfit globally with greens, dogs, and green dummies. More fabric is available for the dog to hold, and the decoy is well-protected.

Cut in France Bite Suit

French cut suits are tailored to match your figure. Thanks to its form-fitting design, you will have maximum mobility and motion range. 99% of trainers who pick a biting suit do so because it has a French cut. Several persons may usually wear French cut suits as long as they are around your size.


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